Mobile Patrol


At International Guard Services we understand that security is now a must have for companies.  Along with securing your company’s property and assets we know how important it is to make your employees feel secure at work.  We can ensure that your company is secure from all crime and theft with our mobile patrol units.

Our mobile patrol units provide your facility with constant surveillance at a faster pace than an officer on foot.  Our officers continually patrol the grounds in a highly marked security vehicle helping to deter criminals.  The benefit of mobile patrol is in its’ speed, where ever an incident is occurring on the property the mobile patrol has a much faster response time that an officer on foot.  It is also beneficial to your company because it is a highly visible security patrol which in itself helps prevent crime.

Options for Mobile Patrol:

Patrol Car– We offer traditional patrol car services in which a guard is stationed in his car making rounds through the exterior of your facility.  This is the most viable option for large facilities wherein the round needs to be made efficiently while being the most visible to personnel and intruders.  Our cars are highly marked and equipped with top security features, allowing for speedy response time.



ESV– This stand up battery operated vehicle is the newest trend in security.  It allows our guard to survey your facility in a very expeditious and efficient manner.  It has all the benefits of a patrol car, nut with extra maneuverability.   The ESV is much smaller than a car, and can access areas not readily accessible by the traditional patrol.  It can be used to patrol both the interior and exterior of your facility.  Our ESV’s are fully equipped with the same capabilities of a traditional patrol car and are highly marked with appropriate signage.  Along with benefits of its size our ESV’s are much more economical than a patrol car because they run off of a battery rather than gas, saving your company money.


Features include:

  • Platinum service
  • Expertly trained, uniformed security officers
  • Highly visible, clearly marked vehicles
  • Officers equipped with GPS navigation system, cellular phone and emergency response procedures
  • Computerized auditing systems and check points
  • 24 hour dispatching capabilities
  • Property signs and bold self-adhesive vehicle decals for display
  • Random patrol patterns for maximum security
  • Turnkey management


Benefits Include:

  • Proactive protection and theft deterrent
  • Recognition of safety hazards
  • Recognition of maintenance issues
  • Promotion of safe community and workplace
  • Customized security
  • Quick professional response in cases of emergency
  • Technology driven quality assurance and tour verification
  • Instant communication with local police and fire departments for emergency response