Types of Security Officers

International Guard Services provides several types of security officers performing various tasks.  Your choice is to use either (Unarmed) Non-Commissioned Security, (Armed) Commissioned Security and Off-Duty Police Officers.  Your unique needs and threat level will dictate which type of security officer you will need.  We handle high threat level posts that require ex-military personnel and law enforcement officers with tactical firearm, sniper and hand to hand combat training to low threat level posts where the officer simply documents the comings and goings of employees and visitors.   All of IGS’s employees have the state mandated required training but we take it a step further by investing in additional training such as OC Spray, Baton, Hand Cuff, Tactical Firearms and Hand to Hand Combat Training is just a few examples.

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Commissioned Officer (Armed Guard)

A Commissioned Officer must complete a 30 Hour training program and be awarded a certificate of completion from the board approved security officer training school. Before being hired by IGS, the new hire must pass an extensive interview process that includes an in-depth background investigation and show proficiency with his weapon of choice as wells as weapon safety. IGS also practices a drug free work environment.

Non-Commissioned Officer (Unarmed Guard)

Non-Commissioned Officers must complete the Private Security Bureau’s most current Level II Training Course. To ensure the highest level of security our security officers are trained to meet the client’s specific needs. Each Non-Commissioned Officer must pass an extensive interview process and background investigation. IGS also practices a drug free work environment.

Off Duty Police Officer (Police Officers or Off Duty Services)

Police officers carry a commission with various agencies such as the City Police Department, Metropolitan Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, Constables Office and the Department of Public Safety (State Police). These officers are required to meet the standards of TCLEOSE and their respective agency. TCLEOSE stands for Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education. Off Duty Police Officers have full arrest powers and are primarily used when the client needs an officer to direct traffic.

Personal Protection Officer

We offer personal protection officers.

Remote CCTV Monitor

We offer remote CCTV monitoring services

Uniformed Security | Solutions

As part of developing your security plan and reaching your objectives, we invite you to take an active role in the uniform selection process. To help meet your needs, we’ve designed and developed several different uniform styles, including the following.
traditional uniformed security


We provide traditional uniformed security.



Security environments often require security officers to both welcome and protect. IGS’s Executive uniform options provide a sophisticated and professional appearance to enhance any visitor-friendly security program.



For a more active corporate look, this comfortable uniform allows you to maintain a professional and respectful security identity in warm climates or environments that require high activity patrols.

Different threat levels and tasks will dictate what type of officer you will need. IGS has a variety of additions and accessories that will complete your security needs.  An IGS representative will help you select the right uniforms and equipment. Please call 281-822-6700 or for a free consultation and proposal or request a proposal online.


Our goal is to achieve your security objectives with proactive, responsive and attentive security officers.  We believe that there are many aspects to achieving a successful security and business operation.  One constant that is required is communication.  Both parties need to realize expectations and realities that affect day-to-day operations.  In essence, International Guard Services needs to look out for our client’s best interest while our client should have reasonable expectations and standards of performance.